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Stonestown Galleria review

3251 20th Ave (Cross Streets - 19th Ave & Winston Dr) • San Francisco, CA 94132

(415) 759-2626

Website: Stonestown Galleria

BigMallRat's Rating: 9 out of 10

Stonestown Galleria mall offers a fine selection of high-end stores and chic retailers. Marble columns adorn the inside of the center. Although many of the stores can be found in Union Square, this mall offers a retreat of the hustle and bustle of downtown. Yet, there still is an abundance of pretty people and fine shopping.


Chic, to say the least. An abundance of dramatic skylights bring the outdoors in. Fine marble columns adorn the center court, giving the appearance of opulence. Plenty of lights illustrate the architectural details.


You'll many high-end and mainstream shops here. Plus, a Nordstrom, Macy's, and Border Books. You can also find many restaurants outside the mall, like Chevy's and Olive Garden.


You'll find a stunning food court in the middle of Level Two. It features a fine selection of eateries with varied food menus.


Stonestown Galleria offers something very rare in San Francisco, ample free parking.


Stonestown Galleria is located in San Francisco CA on Hwy 1 (19th Avenue) at Winston Drive.

Anchor Stores

Borders Books

Macy's (267,788 sq. ft.)

Nordstrom (160,505 sq. ft.)

UA Stonestown Twin (current showtimes)


Mondays - Saturdays

10 AM - 9 PM


11 AM - 7 PM

Restaurant hours vary.


Stores: 118

Type: Superregional center

Enclosed: Yes

GLA: 92,551.866 m2 (996,220 sq. ft.)

Levels: 2

Owner: General Growth Properties, Inc.

Management Company: General Growth Properties, Inc.

Grand Openings: 1952 (mall and The Emporium); 1977 (Bullock's); 1987 (new shopping center); 1996 (Macy's)

Anchor Closures: 1983 (Bullock's); 1996 (The Emporium)

Renovated: 1987


Size: Average (-0.5)

Architectural Appearance: Chic

Cleanliness: Hospital clean!

Occupancy: Bursting at the seams!

Stores: Upscale/Mainstream

Store Quality: Excellent

Parking: Average (-0.5)

Location: Very convenient

Services: Website, ATM, auto jump starts, copy/fax service, lottery tickets, gift cards, postage service, safety escorts, stroller rental, taxi services, TDD services, Trend list, Welcome Center, wheelchair rental.

Uniqueness: One-of-a-kind gem!

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Review date: 1 Oct 2005

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