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Westgate Mall review

1600 Saratoga Avenue • San Jose, CA 95129

(408) 379-9350

Website: Westgate Mall

BigMallRat's Rating: 7 out of 10

Westgate Mall is a hybrid community center and regional shopping center. But do not let that fool you because this place will exceed your expectations.

Westgate Mall has a loyal following. Many people prefer this center because it's a welcome departure from crowded mega-malls like Westfield Valley Fair.


The outside facade has been remodeled to look "upscale village." The interior appears distinctive and inviting, yet unpretentious. If I could recommend one thing, it'd be the addition of some color. Lots of white going on here.


You'll find a mixture of discount stores, upscale one-of-a-kind stores, community services, and popular national retailers. A big draw is the Nordstrom Rack, Burlington Coat Factory, and Ross Dress for Less. A newer Target is a welcome addition (taking the place of Montgomery Ward). For the neighborhood, you can find Safeway and Century 25 Theatres.


Much of the food is offered in restaurants scattered in the parking lot. You'll find Chevy's, Maxim's Cafe, Johnny Rockets, Fresh Choice, and Hometown Buffet, among others.


This is one shopping center you can get front row parking. A large lot serves the center well.


Westgate Mall is located in San Jose CA, in between Saratoga Avenue, Campbell Avenue, and Hamilton Avenue.

Anchor Stores

Barnes & Noble

Burlington Coat Factory

Century 25 Theatres (current showtimes)

Nordstrom Rack

Old Navy

Ross Dress For Less





Monday - Friday

10 AM - 9 PM


10 AM - 8 PM


11 AM - 7 PM


Stores: 60

Type: Regional center

Enclosed: Yes

GLA: 59,457.945 m2 (640,000 sq. ft.)

Levels: 1

Architect: John Savage Bolles

Owner: Federal Realty Investment Trust

Management Company: Federal Realty Investment Trust

Grand Openings: 1960; 1961 (JC Penney)

Anchor Closures: Jan. 15, 2000 (Montgomery Ward)

Renovated: 1989; 1996


Size: Average (-0.5)

Architectural Appearance: Average (-0.5)

Cleanliness: Hospital clean!

Occupancy: Bursting at the seams!

Stores: Discount/mainstream/community-based (-0.5)

Store Quality: Standard (-0.5)

Parking: Front row!

Location: Bring a map, compass, and provisions (-1)

Services: Website, Kid's Club (-0.5)

Uniqueness: Nice, but nothing to write home about (-0.5)

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Review date: 1 Oct 2009

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picture of westgate mall

picture of interior

picture of walkway

picture of target