Beware of Andy Warhol endangered species

warhol artUnfortunately, scams Abound for prints on artists’ web sites, dealers’ web sites, auction sites unscrupulous sellers, not the websites  and off line through frame shops, art fairs, galleries and shows that sell prints. Some of these prints may be for works of well known artists who might have absolutely no idea about the scam. Fundamentally, there are two print markets. The first is unsigned, usually not archival and seldom a limited edition. This is decorative art, even though you can find prints of work by Monet, Van Gogh, Da Vinci and Warhol in this marketplace. Giles can be included by this market. You can get this stuff at Target, Michael’s, posters, etc. cheaply and easily. Another market is for fine art limited Edition prints, which are usually, especially if the job is Modern or Contemporary signed and numbered.

These prints may be accumulated to decorate one’s house or office, but they are also believed to be an investment which may one day become profitable, or if the purchaser gets the printing archival framed, would not lose value over time. This is the class where a buyer should beware. If the amount of the print edition is over 750, including any additional prints, sometimes called proofs or artists proofs, it is not a really fine art limited edition print. In the next category hucksters, tricksters, greedy merchants and artists abound. When exploring limited edition prints for my work,  found more than ever wish to know and certainly get involved in collecting andy warhol endangered species true fine Artwork signed and numbered limited edition prints are a less costly way to accumulate investment quality fine art. Lots of people can afford it and if a person selects prints by good and respectable artists one has the chance to get one’s investment increase along with the artist’s reputation and market.

Beware artists who Paint spiritual subjects or who claim to be Christians or Jews who issue prints. Some of the best individuals are authentic religious artists that offer fantastic work and product, but a few, only a few are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Follow all of the advice given here and you would not fall prey to them. Legally, any artist or Writer who has gained the privilege of working with a picture can call any variant a limited edition by placing a specific number of prints within this variation some publishers and Artists figured out a clever way to avoid the general belief that a limited edition includes a fairly small and limited number. They print a limited edition in 1 size, and after they print the identical print in another size – or even repeat a former size particularly if it sold well by specially naming the edition. Have seen this sort of variation named, the Jubilee edition, the Celebration series the Master variant, etc Pretty much looks like a scam to me.