Pitra Dosha Calculator – Your Vedic Introduction

Vedic astrology is a Modern name for an ancient type astrology that hails from the nation of India. Sometimes known in English speaking countries as Hindu or Indian astrology, the correct title for the field is Jyotia. This name comes from the Sanskrit word that is interpreted to mean a light and heavenly body.Astrology


In broad terms, this Form of astrology is known to be helpful in divining future events as they relate to both people and to the course of entire countries. This is usually conducted by starting with the person or nation as circumstances now stand, and using that condition as the basis for making predictions about possible future events that will have a significant effect.

Like all forms of pitra dosha calculator, the Vedic approach has ties to the motions of celestial bodies and the way they affect the flow of energy in the vicinity of the earth. In many ways, this specific approach to astrology is somewhat more complicated or detailed than western versions, in that there are quite a few sub-disciplines that might be brought to use in a specific situation. Additionally, the western forms of astrology are more focused on casting a reading for a person, and do not incorporate the possibility of preparing a graph that is pertinent to a whole nation.

Vedic vs. Western Astrology

The configuration of The Zodiac is also distinct in a Vedic approach to astrology. Instead of the tropical configuration that is common in western areas, the Vedic form of astrology makes use of what is called a sidereal variant of the Zodiac. This is understood to permit for divining more specific information and calculating results based on a more focused evaluation of the procession of celestial bodies.

While not well known In the west, Vedic astrology has started to capture more attention beyond India over the past couple of decades. Part of this has been due to the growing interest in Eastern religion among men from the West.

At the same time, Persons that are dedicated to astrology in general have started to consider study of The Vedic tradition to be a way of tapping into a completely new idea of how to Employ the procedure. Undeniably, people will be hearing more about this ancient form of astrology in the years to come.