Telugu movies that are on college love: 100% Love

100% love is a proper telugu romantic drama film directed by Sukumar. It was released in the year 2011 and was a great hit in that year. Naga chaithanya and Thamannah has played key roles in the film and sukumar direction as ever before, won a lot of hearts. It’s a family movie you can watch along with your loved ones. You should definitely watch this movie if you are a fan of sukumar writings. It is one of those telugu movies that are based on college love and you can watch it online free movies. Watch 100% love movie online and experience love.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Naga Chaitanya

Actress: Thamannah

Other actors: Naresh, Nandu

Director: Sukumar

Banner: Geeta Arts

Producer: Bunny Vasu

Music: Devi Sri prasad

Screenplay: JakkaHariprasad

Cinematography: Venkat Prasad

Editing: SrinivasaKarthik

Story By: Sukumar

Written by: M J Saikumar

Dialogues: T Ramesh

Telugu movies that are on college love: 100% Love

Other information:

Runtime: 140mins

Release date: 6th May 2011

Genre: romantic Comedy


The story begins with balu, a nerd, who is really famous among young students as he always comes top first rank in academics. His pride generally stands on his rank as everyone praises him for being top. He is a well oriented and focused person. His relatives’ daughter comes to his house from the village to become good at studies like him. But her character is quite the opposite of what he is. She is an active and energetic person where he is a silent and observable person. She loves balu very much and praises him all the time which impresses balu. As she fails in a test, Balu tells her that he will help her study and both work their ass off to get the first rank and succeed. Meanwhile, their relationship bond strengthens. What happens when a third person comes first in college and what they do to get rid of him and achieve their goal and what happens when he gets involved in their personal lives is the beauty of the film.

Technical Asset:

  • Music is a big hit in the movie. It’s very fun to love and enjoy every tune of the songs. It gives another energy.
  • Direction of this movie is perfect! Details of the movie are perfect. It’s no wonder that it is in the Sukumar direction.
  • Storyline is very unique and understandable. Dialogues are good to hear and extraordinary to use in daily life.

Artist performance:

  • Naga Chaitanya is a very handsome and talented hero. His acting in this movie is extraordinary.
  • Tamannaah is the beauty of the movie! She is active, energetic and pretty on screen.
  • Nandu is the charm, the competition between Chaitanya and him is very well worked in the movie.

It is a beautiful film you can watch with your family as it possesses all the commercial aspects of entertainment you can expect. It is one of those telugu movies that are about college love and you can find it online free movies. Watch 100% love movie online to love and laugh.