Learn the Link between Red Light Treatment and Tanning Salons

As individuals become more aware of how harmful tanning can be and how it not only increases the chance of skin cancer but also boosts pre-mature aging, tanning salons are jumping at the chance to give a solution to the damage that tanning beds cause. By offering red light treatment to their clients they are hoping to appeal to health conscious women and men which are interested in a way to enhance their skin.

red light therapy

Red light treatment has the capacity to turn back the hands of time repairing and healing the skin.  It is been clinically proven to stimulate collagen and elastic production both chief proteins inside the body while promoting younger looking and acting skin. As once enthused tanners realize that their skin has lost its youthful bounce and shine and as the wrinkles and lines engrave their way to the skin they are desperately trying to find a way to enhance the look of the skin, and tanning salons throughout the world are listening.

There are doubts, however, as to whether these converted beds are Effective because of the fact that they utilize bulbs as the kind of light. Many consider that red bulbs are not as powerful as red LEDs light emitting diodes. Designing a bed that uses LEDs is cost prohibitive and most red light therapy beds include red bulbs resembling fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. There just are not research backing using bulbs whereas, on the other hand, there’s a remarkable quantity of research backing the efficacy of light emitting diodes.

Studies conducted by NASA, medical associations, and universities have been achieved with LED light because of its tighter wavelength span. This condensed light can penetrate deeper into the skin. The other advantage of using LEDs as opposed to bulbs is the ability to integrate an assortment of colours to be able to attain unique results like blue, yellow, and infrared that the bulbs are not able to attain. The proximity of these red light therapy lights into the skin bares contemplation also. The Farther away the lights are out of the skin the more the wavelengths scatter before reaching the skin. The nearer you have the lights into the skin the more valuable they get.

Tanning salons are trying to please those clients who want to Repair harm, but for people searching for a more convenient way to take care of their skin they might wish to consider LED light treatment systems that were designed for home use. These systems are designed with strong light emitting diodes and several are FDA approved making simpler to deal with the skin frequently and consistently which is very important so as to see visible results. Fixing skin with red light treatment is a viable alternative when it comes to enhancing the health and vitality of your skin. Weighing the pros and cons of visiting a tanning salon with bulbs or integrating red LED light treatment in your home is up to you.