Strengths of HostGator vs Bluehost in Marketplace

Most Hostgator reviews on the marketplace are hyped up to allow you to buy hostgator hosting through their affiliate links, so, do not listen to them. For actual clients’ hostgator review, Check out the hostgator forums and visit the client reviews category.HostGator vs Bluehost

A truthful hostgator review which will say the real strengths and flaws with hostgator hosting. First off, a word of warning. Hostgator review as a personal experience with hostgator webhosting for the previous two decades, and attempt to be as helpful as possible for assisting you to make the perfect choice in buying you’re hosting. Want to start this off hostgator review by highlighting the primary flaws with Hostgator.

Hostgator Review:

  1. If you anticipate your websites to load with lightning fast speed with shared hostgator hosting that most individuals buy, then you are incorrect. On a shared server, you are essentially sharing one server with about more distinct websites. Although, their rates are better compared to other hosts, but nevertheless it might leave a bit slowly for your customers.
  2. Hostgator does not have a thorough database of answers to common questions related to Hosting and cPanel. Although, you can get in touch with them via a Helpdesk and Live Chat where they will answer all your queries, but nevertheless it would be valuable to have a fantastic solid knowledgebase.

Mentioned these defects in this hostgator review, as some people do believe that rate and knowledgebase are all important factors in considering a bunch. Now, do not just close this Hostgator Review. Write down a few strengths of hostgator hosting to finish this brief Hostgator Review.

Hostgator Review – Strengths:

  1. Hostgator has given me nearly 100% uptime since started HostGator vs Bluehost with them. currently host Over 27 domain names in their hosting all on a single account, and not had even one complaint from my thousands of daily visitors about any downtime or server difficulties. Mentioned before about speed, but must inform you that my customers never faced any issues with the marginally slow rate of page launching on Hostgator servers.
  2. Have attempted over 7 unique webhosts all leaders in the hosting industry, and have to conclude that hostgator hosting has the finest hosting features among all these webhosts. Although, want them to provide a free domain with a client buy which is now provided by many top webhosts.

But, They have done absolutely no compromise on the hosting features. Have various scripts that are heavy, Such as Joomla, WordPress, and a few custom made scripts with corncobs running on my account, and all of them work as smooth as butter.