What do you know about additive manufacturing in Singapore?

Additive Manufacturing, often referred to as 3D printing, is the technique of manufacturing items by printing metallic powder layer to layer according to plans created with Computer Aided Design software. Molds with a set of interconnected connectivity, new shapes, or complex structures are now possible with additive manufacturing singapore.

They assist you across the Additive Manufacture chain, from metal powder extraction to the design process, simulation, testing, manufacturing, and the complete range of post-processing. The end-to-end solution eliminates waste and risk inside the supply chain.

Design and Optimization of Lightweight Structures for 3D Printing

The progress of technology for 3D printing promises a greater degree of freedom in designing and fabricating complex and creative structures. This project intends to create new design processes and tools to aid in the creation of structures suited for 3D printing. Among the project’s key goals is to look into the possibility of reducing weight while retaining structural strength.

3d Printing

Qualification methodology for remanufacturing processes based upon fatigue endurance performance tests. The study resulted in a system for evaluating the fatigue endurance of specimens made using new manufacturing by laser ablation. The fatigue behavior of laser samples was evaluated using a materials-process-performance method.

This research aims to create a methodology based upon EWOD principles for generating and precisely manipulating minute quantities of liquids with varying viscoelasticity. This technology will aid in overcoming many of the drawbacks of current tissue engineering methods. Additive3D Asia uses various functional 3D printing materials and methodologies to solve challenging fabrication and engineering challenges. Contact us for an estimate on our manufacturing and printing services in Singapore that can fulfill the industrial production and rapid 3D prototype demands on time.